2024 Masters Highlights: Must-Watch Moments and Legendary Clubs

2024 Masters Highlights: Must-Watch Moments and Legendary Clubs

2024 Masters Tournament: How to Catch the Live Action

The Masters Tournament is set to dazzle fans from April 11-14 at the Augusta National Golf Club. Defending champion Jon Rahm, along with stars like Rory Mcllroy and Tiger Woods, are ready to make their mark. For those eager to follow every swing, ESPN and CBS will provide extensive coverage, with streaming available on ESPN+, Paramount+, and the official Masters website.


Early coverage begins at 8:45 a.m. ET on Thursday, with the full tournament stretching over four days. Not in the US? International viewers can watch through DAZN in Canada or even access free streams using VPN services like ExpressVPN, tuned to Australia’s Channel 9.


Iconic Masters Moments and the Clubs That Made Them

From Lee Elder’s historic tee shot in 1975 to Tiger Woods’ memorable chip in 2005, the Masters has been home to some of golf’s most unforgettable shots. These moments are not only defined by the skill of the players but also by the unique clubs they used. For instance, Tiger’s 2005 chip was made with a custom Nike wedge, expertly crafted to achieve just the right roll.


Phil Mickelson’s strategic use of two different Callaway drivers in 2006 and Jack Nicklaus’ crucial 7-iron shot in 1986 are other highlights that showcase how integral equipment choices are to mastering Augusta’s challenges.


Viewing Details and Historical Insights

Whether you’re watching the live broadcast or streaming, the 2024 Masters offers a rich blend of modern competition and historical reverence. Each shot at Augusta is a potential entry into the annals of golf history, remembered through the lens of both victory and the iconic clubs that delivered them.


As the tournament unfolds, keep an eye on the key players and the strategic decisions that could lead to the next legendary shot. Will this year’s event give us another moment to rival the greats? Tune in to find out.