AI Takes the Helm in Naval Warfare

AI Takes the Helm in Naval Warfare

AI Takes the Helm in Naval Warfare


In a groundbreaking development, Pacific Defense has been awarded a significant $17.4 million contract by the Office of Naval Research to revolutionize naval warfare. This initiative aims to integrate advanced AI and machine learning technologies into the US Navy’s electronic warfare (EW) systems, setting a new precedent for multi-mission, multi-platform applications.


A Leap Forward in Tactical Edge Computing


This project is set to redefine battlefield sensors by enabling the delivery of multi-function effects from devices deployed at the tactical edge. Utilizing the Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) for edge devices, the initiative ensures a seamless integration of AI capabilities in reconfiguring distributed battlefield sensors.


Empowering Future Naval Operations


Pacific Defense’s mission is to develop AI and machine learning-enabled common EW sensor-effectuators that promise enhanced tactical AI, cyber warfare, and EW operations. The integration of CMOSS standards in developing distributed AI capabilities aims at autonomous cyber-EW effects for use in RF-denied and intermittent environments. This includes the development of smart user interfaces for mission planning, command, control, and situational awareness.


Redefining Warfare Technology


The contract involves the construction of CMOSS-compliant marine electromagnetic warfare ground systems sensors for small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), highlighting the shift towards high-energy RF and laser weapons in modern warfare. The project’s completion is expected by March 2026, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of naval defense technology.


The Future of Naval Dominance


As AI and machine learning technologies continue to penetrate the defense sector, the US Navy’s strategic advantage in electronic and cyber warfare is set to increase exponentially. This collaboration between Pacific Defense and the Office of Naval Research not only signifies a step towards future-proofing naval operations but also establishes a new paradigm in the application of AI in military strategies.