Derrick Lewis Teases WWE Move with Unique Finishing Move in the Works

Derrick Lewis Teases WWE Move with Unique Finishing Move in the Works

From UFC to WWE: Derrick Lewis Eyes New Arena

Derrick Lewis, known for his powerful presence in the UFC, is reportedly in talks to bring his combat prowess to the WWE ring. As he prepares for his upcoming UFC Fight Night on May 11th in St. Louis, Missouri, Lewis shared that discussions with WWE have been ongoing for months.

Lewis’ Potential WWE Debut and His Unique Finisher

During a media interaction, Lewis mentioned that he was initially scheduled to visit WWE facilities back in February to explore opportunities. Known for his humor and memorable post-fight antics, Lewis hinted at a finishing move that might involve an homage to Rikishi’s famous Stinkface, reflecting his playful character. ‘You might see it, somehow I like taking off my shorts,’ Lewis quipped, suggesting a finisher that would surely capture the audience’s attention.

A Fresh Challenge Awaits

The potential transition from UFC to WWE could offer Lewis a new stage to showcase his larger-than-life personality and physicality. His approach to entertainment and athletics aligns with the theatrical demands of professional wrestling, making him a promising addition to the WWE roster. As Lewis continues to discuss his future with WWE, fans are eager to see how he adapits his combat skills to the wrestling world.