DiVincenzo’s Rise in New York: Curry’s Influence and a New Chapter

DiVincenzo’s Rise in New York: Curry’s Influence and a New Chapter

DiVincenzo’s Rise in New York: Curry’s Influence and a New Chapter


Once a Warrior under the tutelage of Stephen Curry, Donte DiVincenzo’s journey took a significant turn as he ventured into free agency, leading to a pivotal decision that would find him wearing a New York Knicks jersey. The unexpected free agent found guidance in Curry, not just in developing his shooting skills but also in making a career-altering decision. Despite receiving multiple offers, DiVincenzo’s choice was swayed by a conversation with Curry, who saw New York as the perfect fit for DiVincenzo’s sharpshooting abilities and defensive prowess.


Mastering the Art of Shooting


DiVincenzo’s growth as a shooter can be attributed to observing and learning from Curry, one of the greatest shooters in NBA history. Emphasizing shoulder alignment over foot positioning, DiVincenzo adopted Curry’s technique, focusing on ensuring his shoulders squared to the basket for optimal power and accuracy. This adjustment has been evident in DiVincenzo’s performance, showcasing an improved 3-point shooting percentage and becoming a significant offensive threat for the Knicks.


Choosing the Knicks


The decision to join the Knicks was not made lightly. DiVincenzo sought Curry’s advice, valuing the opinion of a player he respected and admired. Curry’s endorsement of the Knicks, considering DiVincenzo’s familiarity with teammates from his college days at Villanova, Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart, solidified his decision. In New York, DiVincenzo found a role that utilized his skill set, contributing to the team’s success while embarking on a new chapter of his career.


Impact and Future Prospects


In New York, DiVincenzo has exceeded expectations, becoming one of the top 3-point shooters in the league and pushing the franchise record for 3-point makes in a season. His integration into the Knicks has been seamless, proving to be a vital component in their quest for playoff contention. As DiVincenzo continues to develop and adapt, his journey reflects the importance of mentorship, the right fit, and the relentless pursuit of improvement.




Donte DiVincenzo’s journey from a Golden State Warrior to a New York Knick highlights the significance of guidance from seasoned players like Stephen Curry and the impact of making strategic career decisions. In New York, DiVincenzo has not only found a new home but has also stepped into a role that leverages his strengths, signaling a promising future for both him and the Knicks.