Dolphins Clinch Jonnu Smith for $10M

Dolphins Clinch Jonnu Smith for $10M

Miami Dolphins Welcome Jonnu Smith with a $10 Million Deal


The Miami Dolphins have made a strategic addition to their roster by signing tight end Jonnu Smith to a two-year, $10 million contract. Smith, known for his exceptional catching abilities and yards after the catch (YAC) performance, is expected to significantly bolster the Dolphins’ offensive line-up.

A Career Revival in Miami


After a career-high season with the Atlanta Falcons, where Smith showcased his talent with 50 catches for 582 yards and three touchdowns, his move to Miami marks a new chapter. His ability to generate extra yardage and contribute significantly to the offense was a key factor in the Dolphins’ decision to bring him on board.

Enhancing the Dolphins’ Offensive Strategy


Smith’s addition is poised to address the Dolphins’ need for an impactful tight end, a position that saw minimal touchdowns last season. With his speed and agility, Smith offers another dynamic run-after-catch option for the Dolphins, complementing the talents of Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle.

Looking Ahead


As the Dolphins continue to refine their offensive strategy, Jonnu Smith’s integration into the team is eagerly anticipated. His proven track record and recent performance hint at a promising impact, aiming to elevate the Dolphins’ play in the upcoming seasons.