Emily Ratajkowski Transforms Engagement Ring into Symbol of New Beginnings

Emily Ratajkowski Transforms Engagement Ring into Symbol of New Beginnings

From Bond to Breakthrough: Emily Ratajkowski’s Divorce Rings Mark a New Chapter


In a move blending creativity with closure, Emily Ratajkowski has reimagined her engagement ring from Sebastian Bear-McClard into two distinct ‘divorce rings.’ This transformation, crafted by Alison Lou, symbolizes her journey from marriage to independence. Ratajkowski’s original Toi et Moi ring, a unique piece featuring a pear and princess-cut diamond, represented her union with Bear-McClard. Post-divorce, these diamonds now stand alone on separate bands, echoing her path to self-discovery and freedom.


A Creative Pivot


Ratajkowski’s choice to repurpose her engagement ring into something new highlights a perspective where endings catalyze beginnings. By dividing the original stones into two rings, she not only retains their sentimental value but also redefines their meaning. The redesign process was thoughtful, aiming to give each stone its moment to shine, turning the pear-shaped diamond into a standout pinky ring and enhancing the princess-cut with additional diamonds for an art deco flair.


Empowerment and Identity


Through this act of transformation, Ratajkowski sends a powerful message about empowerment and identity post-divorce. Rejecting the notion of divorce as a purely sad event, she embraces change and the opportunity to redefine oneself. Her actions reflect a broader trend of individuals seeking positive ways to navigate life’s transitions, turning symbols of the past into beacons of the future.


As Ratajkowski steps forward into her ‘single era’ with grace and creativity, her divorce rings serve as a testament to resilience and the beauty of reinvention. In doing so, she inspires others to find strength and positivity in their journeys through change.