Energizer Ventures into Foldable Market with Ultimate U660S Amid Surprises

Energizer Ventures into Foldable Market with Ultimate U660S Amid Surprises

Energizer Ventures into Foldable Market with Ultimate U660S Amid Surprises


In a bold move, Energizer, traditionally known for its long-lasting batteries, has unveiled the Ultimate U660S, a flip phone with a foldable OLED display, at MWC 2024. Priced at €499, the device is positioned as one of the most affordable foldables, challenging the current market dominated by premium models. However, the Ultimate U660S has sparked intrigue with its relatively small 3,400mAh battery—a decision that diverges from Energizer’s reputation for durability.


Breaking the Mold with Affordable Foldables


The Energizer Ultimate U660S features a 6.7 inch, 2400 x 1080 pixel OLED display that folds in half, akin to popular models like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr. Despite its competitive pricing, the choice of a smaller battery capacity has raised questions about its performance longevity compared to its counterparts, notably the Samsung Z Flip 5 with a 3,700mAh battery.


Energizer’s Strategic Shift


This venture into the foldable smartphone market represents a strategic shift for Energizer, challenging the brand’s identity centered on robust and long-lasting devices. The Ultimate U660S, slated for release in November 2024, stands out for its affordability and modern design but leaves industry observers pondering the implications of its battery capacity for everyday use.


Competitive Landscape and Consumer Expectations


The introduction of the Ultimate U660S comes at a time when foldable phones are becoming increasingly popular, with several manufacturers unveiling more accessible models at MWC 2024. Energizer’s entry into this segment underscores the evolving dynamics of the smartphone industry and sets the stage for a broader acceptance of foldable technology among consumers.




Energizer’s foray into the foldable phone market with the Ultimate U660S marks a significant moment for the brand and the industry at large. While the device’s smaller battery capacity contrasts with Energizer’s traditional focus, its competitive pricing and foldable design could attract a new segment of consumers eager to embrace foldable technology without the premium price tag. As the November release date approaches, the Ultimate U660S will be closely watched for its potential to reshape consumer expectations and redefine Energizer’s place in the mobile world.