Exciting Bites Ahead!

Exciting Bites Ahead!

Exciting Bites Ahead: Maloney and Madix’s Shop Nears Opening


Awaiting its grand opening in West Hollywood, Something About Her, the much-anticipated sandwich shop by reality TV stars Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney, promises to serve more than just food. With an initial planned opening in January stymied by permitting issues, the shop is now poised to welcome patrons by late May 2024, as hinted by Maloney. Rumors of the shop being a ‘scam’ have been robustly dismissed by the owners themselves, reassuring fans and foodies alike.


Not Just a Sandwich, but a Celebration!


The establishment plans to open its doors with a series of soft openings leading to a significant event coinciding with West Hollywood Pride, turning a simple café into a celebratory hotspot. Despite setbacks, including the removal and pending restoration of their storefront sign and patio, the interior is fully prepared to start serving up delicious bites.


Chef Shakeup and Future Hopes


In a surprising twist, Maloney revealed their parting ways with chef Penny Davidi, who was initially brought on board to spice up the menu. This change has not deterred the team, however, as they look forward to a fresh start with a new culinary direction. As the community buzzes with anticipation, Maloney assures that the opening is “dangerously close,” hinting at an imminent culinary delight that West Hollywood is eager to savor.


Amidst the excitement, the shop has already planned its integration into the local culture, aiming to be more than just a place to eat but a venue to gather, celebrate, and enjoy the vibrancy of the community. What innovative dishes will Something About Her introduce? Will it become the new local favorite? Only time will tell, but one thing is clear: the excitement is palpable.