Flying High in Ramadan

Flying High in Ramadan

Flying High in Ramadan: A Cultural Journey


As the holy month of Ramadan graces the skies, Etihad Airways and Gulf carriers like Emirates, and Qatar Airways have unveiled a tapestry of special amenities designed to enrich the travel experience of their passengers, both onboard and on the ground. From the moment the moon signals the start of Ramadan, these airlines embark on a mission to wrap travelers in the warmth of this sacred period, ensuring their journey mirrors the essence of reflection, kindness, and community.


Etihad Airways: A Feast Above The Clouds

Etihad Airways takes the lead in honoring Ramadan’s spirit, offering passengers specially prepared Iftar meals that blend traditional Emirati flavors with a modern twist. Beyond the palate, Etihad ensures its guests can observe their faith with dedicated prayer areas and electronic Qibla pointers, turning the cabin into a floating sanctuary. The airline’s commitment to sustainability shines through in their choice of locally sourced ingredients, elevating the dining experience while supporting the local economy.


Gulf Carriers: Balancing Tradition and Travel

Gulf carriers navigate the delicate balance of respecting Islamic traditions while catering to a diverse passenger base. Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar Airways continue to serve alcohol to destinations outside Saudi Arabia, with minor adjustments in display and service to maintain a respectful atmosphere during Ramadan. This thoughtful approach ensures that all passengers, regardless of their observance of Ramadan, feel accommodated and valued.


Ramadan Amenities: Beyond the Flight

The Ramadan experience extends beyond the airplane cabin. Etihad’s lounges across the globe, including Abu Dhabi, New York, and London, offer an array of traditional refreshments and a specially curated Iftar menu. Similarly, Emirates and Qatar Airways adapt their lounge services to reflect the holy month’s significance, subtly adjusting alcohol display and service while ensuring all guests feel welcome.


In this season of reflection and community, airlines like Etihad, Emirates, and Qatar Airways elevate the travel experience, weaving the principles of Ramadan into every aspect of the journey. Whether it’s through the thoughtful preparation of Iftar meals, the provision of prayer spaces, or the careful balancing of cultural respect and service, these carriers ensure that the spirit of Ramadan accompanies their passengers wherever they go.