Google Doodle Honors Flat White Coffee

Google Doodle Honors Flat White Coffee

Global Tribute to the Flat White


Google’s latest animated doodle celebrates the flat white, an espresso-based drink beloved in Australia and New Zealand and now enjoyed worldwide. This recognition coincides with the day the term ‘flat white’ was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2011. The doodle reflects the beverage’s simple elegance and global appeal, showcasing the meticulous art of coffee-making that results in its distinctive smooth and velvety texture.

The Origins and Rise of the Flat White


The flat white’s precise origins are a subject of debate, but it is widely believed to have first appeared in Sydney or Auckland cafes in the 1980s. Characterized by its fine microfoam and robust espresso flavor, the flat white stands out for its balance of strength and creaminess. Over the decades, it has transcended its Antipodean roots to become a staple in coffee cultures around the globe, evolving in preparation and presentation but always remaining a favorite among coffee aficionados.

Celebrating Coffee Culture


Google Doodle’s celebration of the flat white underscores the drink’s significant place in contemporary coffee culture. It highlights not just the beverage itself but also the communal and innovative spirit of coffee enthusiasts everywhere. As the flat white continues to delight palates across the world, this doodle serves as a fitting tribute to the global community’s shared love for coffee.