Julia Fox Embraces Celibacy and Finds Happiness

Julia Fox Embraces Celibacy and Finds Happiness

Julia Fox Embraces Celibacy and Finds Happiness


Breaking Stereotypes

Julia Fox, the 34-year-old actress best known for her role in ‘Uncut Gems,’ has made headlines with her recent revelation about celibacy. She shared on TikTok that she has been celibate for two and a half years, a decision she says has brought her immense happiness and peace.

Support from Fans

Fox’s announcement was met with overwhelming support on social media. Many users shared their own celibacy journeys, praising Fox for her decision. Comments highlighted how celibacy has helped individuals find peace and self-love, echoing Fox’s sentiments.

Past Relationships

Fox has been open about her past relationships, including a brief romance with Kanye West and previous relationships with Drake and pilot Peter Artemiev. Despite these high-profile relationships, she has chosen to focus on her well-being and personal growth.

Celibacy and Mental Health

Many commenters on Fox’s post shared how celibacy has positively impacted their mental health, with some describing it as life-changing. The decision to abstain from sexual relationships has allowed them to reclaim their bodies and minds from the negative impacts of toxic relationships.

Fox’s Memoir

In her 2023 memoir ‘Down The Drain,’ Fox details several sexual encounters but notably omits her relationship with West, stating that their relationship lacked intimacy. This further emphasizes her current stance on celibacy and self-care.

Backlash Against Bumble

Fox’s revelation also sparked a backlash against the dating app Bumble after it launched an ad campaign perceived as blaming women for men’s behavior. Many users voiced their dissatisfaction, with some even deleting the app in protest.
Fox’s journey serves as an inspiration for many, highlighting the importance of personal well-being over societal expectations. How will this trend of celibacy impact the broader conversation on relationships and mental health?