Mastering the Circle of Fortune in Last Epoch: A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering the Circle of Fortune in Last Epoch: A Comprehensive Guide

In “Last Epoch,” players are constantly on the quest for powerful artifacts to boost their character’s prowess. For those who prefer self-reliance over trading with others, the Circle of Fortune offers an intriguing alternative. This exclusive group of explorers thrives on the thrill of discovering unique and rare items across Eterra’s perilous landscapes, guided by the stars towards more potent loot.

The Circle of Fortune operates from Maj’Elka, the bustling trading city where adventurers must head to the Upper District to commence their journey. Upon arrival, interaction with Zerrick, an NPC, unveils the path to joining this elite circle. Membership grants access to the Observatory in the Divine Era, located in northern Maj’Elka, where telescopes await to reveal prophecies pointing towards valuable treasures.

Gaining Favour and Reputation:

Advancing within the Circle of Fortune requires earning Reputation through quests, defeating enemies, and fulfilling prophecies. Favour, the currency for purchasing prophecies, can be accumulated similarly. Your current Reputation and Favour levels are easily trackable within the Faction window or by consulting the Circle of Fortune agent.

Ranking Up and Unleashing Perks:

The Circle of Fortune comprises ten tiers, each unlocking unique perks that enhance the loot-finding experience. From doubling the enemy item drop chance at Rank 1 to upgrading prophecy rewards at Rank 10, each rank ascension brings players closer to the most coveted treasures Eterra has to offer.

Understanding Prophecies:

Prophecies, purchasable in the Observatory for Favour, lead to rarer item drops, enhanced stats, and additional rewards once completed. With telescopes pointing in four cardinal directions, each aligned with specific item categories, players can select prophecies based on the loot they seek. Managing up to 48 prophecies simultaneously, adventurers can strategize their quests for maximum efficiency.

Farming for Reputation and Gear:

To efficiently farm Reputation, players should prioritize daily objectives and quests, which offer substantial Reputation points. For gear farming, focusing on prophecies like the Prophecy of Abundance or Prophecy of Prosperity can significantly increase the odds of finding high-quality equipment, making dungeons, raids, and world bosses lucrative targets for exploration.


The Circle of Fortune in “Last Epoch” rewards the adventurous spirit, guiding players towards the most elusive and powerful gear. By understanding and leveraging the system of prophecies, Favour, and Reputation, adventurers can unlock the full potential of their expeditions, ensuring their place among Eterra’s most legendary explorers.


Dive into the Circle of Fortune in Last Epoch, where prophecies guide players to hidden treasures. Learn the best strategies for farming and unlocking powerful perks.