Lorin Latarro Balances Broadway Choreography and Motherhood

Lorin Latarro Balances Broadway Choreography and Motherhood

Lorin Latarro: Choreographing Broadway Hits and Nurturing Creativity as a Mother

Lorin Latarro, renowned for her vibrant choreography, is currently helming the movement for two significant Broadway productions, ‘The Who’s Tommy’ and ‘The Heart of Rock and Roll.’ Her work spans the deeply emotional rock opera ‘Tommy’ and the lively jukebox musical featuring Huey Lewis and the News. Latarro’s choreography is not only a testament to her versatility but also reflects her personal growth as she juggles her professional responsibilities with her role as a mother.

Integrating Life and Art

Latarro’s days are a whirlwind of activity, from intense rehearsal sessions for ‘Tommy,’ which explores themes of trauma and healing, to the more upbeat rehearsals for ‘The Heart of Rock and Roll.’ Her approach to choreography is influenced by her experiences as a mother, where she finds parallels between guiding a child and directing movement. She believes that nurturing a child’s creativity has enhanced her own, bringing a fresh perspective to her work.

Choreographic Challenges and Triumphs

Each show presents unique challenges. For ‘Tommy,’ Latarro delves into the darker aspects of the human experience, while ‘The Heart of Rock and Roll’ allows her to indulge in the joyous, energetic vibes of rock and roll. Her work on ‘Tommy’ is particularly notable for its sensitive portrayal of the protagonist’s journey, with dance sequences that complement the narrative’s intense emotional arcs. Meanwhile, ‘The Heart of Rock and Roll’ features imaginative scenes, such as a memorable tap number on bubble wrap, showcasing Latarro’s creative flair.

Latarro’s commitment to both her craft and her family exemplifies the possibility of a fulfilling career alongside motherhood. She emphasizes the importance of being fully present, whether she’s in the studio or with her daughter, ensuring that she excels in both realms of her life. Her story is an inspiring reminder of the power of passion and dedication in achieving a harmonious balance between professional aspirations and personal commitments.