Marathon Feats: Apple Watch Insights

Marathon Feats: Apple Watch Insights

The Marathon Journey: Insights from Apple Watch Users


Uncovering the Marathon Mystique

Ever wondered how far you can run with the right tech on your wrist? Over 1,500 Apple Watch users joined forces with Brigham and Women’s Hospital to embark on a marathon adventure that spanned from November 2019 to January 2024. The numbers are in, and they’re jogging a line between unbelievable and inspiring!


Imagine lacing up your sneakers to run a marathon—not over hours, but days, weeks, and even months! According to recent findings, the average participant would stride across the 26.2-mile finish line in a leisurely 334 days. Are they running, or are they strolling through a park? The suspense is real!


From First Steps to Full Marathons

During the study period, these intrepid explorers logged over 197,700 walking workouts and nearly 99,400 running sessions. Astonishingly, more than half conquered a 5k distance, with some reaching this milestone more than once. How’s that for commitment?


And the plot thickens—during April 2023 alone, 76,114 participants put their best foot forward, with 22.8% marking more than 26.2 miles off their calendars. What drives them? Perhaps the thrill of the chase or the fear of being outrun by their own shadow!


Marathon Training Secrets Unveiled

The study sheds light on marathon training with a twist. While some participants seem to be in for the long haul, others sprint towards quicker finishes. The top 10% of runners pushed beyond with an additional 16 miles weekly leading up to the marathon day. Talk about racing to beat the clock!


Training tips? Gradual mileage increase and a ‘taper’ phase in the final month ensure you’re not just ready but raring to go. After crossing the finish line, it’s advised to take a week off. Maybe catch up on some Netflix or, dare we say, start planning the next marathon?


As the data pours in and the stories unfold, one thing remains clear: With an Apple Watch, every step counts. Could this be your cue to start running? Or at least, to start thinking about it?