MGK Shuns Drama with Swift Fans

MGK Shuns Drama with Swift Fans

Machine Gun Kelly Refuses to Cross Swifties


A Fiery Challenge with a Diplomatic Twist

During a spicy episode of ‘Hot Ones’, Machine Gun Kelly, also known as Colson Baker, was put on the spot with a challenge that could ignite controversies: say three mean things about Taylor Swift or face the heat of a fiery wing. Known for his bold persona, MGK chose diplomacy over discord, declaring ‘Taylor is a saint’ and emphasizing his respect for her and her formidable fan base, the Swifties.

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Understanding the Power of Swifties

The Swifties are not just any fan base; they are a massive, global community known for their intense loyalty and protective stance towards Taylor Swift. MGK’s decision highlights the influence and potential backlash from engaging negatively with such a dedicated group, proving that sometimes silence is golden in the entertainment industry.

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A Lesson in Celebrity Diplomacy

Machine Gun Kelly’s response on ‘Hot Ones’ was more than just avoiding hot sauce; it was a strategic move to maintain peace with one of the most powerful fan bases in the music industry. By calling Taylor Swift a ‘saint’ and showing camaraderie with her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, MGK showcased how navigating celebrity relationships with tact can prevent potential media storms.

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