Oscars Buzz: Cooper & Hadid’s Plans

Oscars Buzz: Cooper & Hadid’s Plans

Bradley Cooper’s Oscars Night: Gigi Hadid’s Attendance Uncertain


As the Oscars 2024 approaches, the spotlight isn’t just on the nominees, but also on Hollywood’s elite and their plus-ones. Among the most anticipated appearances is that of Bradley Cooper, nominated for his stellar work in ‘Maestro’. However, the buzz this year includes the uncertainty surrounding Gigi Hadid’s attendance alongside him.


The Love Story Continues, But Without the Red Carpet?


Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid, a couple that set the tabloids alight with their romance starting in late 2023, are now at the center of Oscars speculation. Entertainment Tonight reports that Hadid, prioritizing time with her daughter, will not grace the Oscars with Cooper. This decision highlights her dedication to motherhood over the allure of Hollywood’s glitziest night.


A Dynamic Duo’s Future


Despite Hadid’s absence from the Oscars, insiders reveal that Cooper and Hadid are in high spirits, enjoying their time together. This has led to a positive dynamic not only between the couple but also among their families, including Cooper’s ex, Irina Shayk, and Hadid’s ex, Zayn Malik. The maturity and focus on co-parenting have kept the relationships healthy and respectful.


Speculations and Surprises


On the other hand, Page Six teases that the relationship between Cooper and Hadid is becoming ‘more serious’, leaving fans to wonder if Hadid might surprise everyone by showing up at the Oscars after all. The speculation adds an intriguing layer to the Oscars night, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.


Oscars Night Awaits


As the Oscars draw near, the question of whether Gigi Hadid will accompany Bradley Cooper remains a tantalizing mystery. Their relationship, flourishing away from the public eye, continues to captivate. Whether together or apart on Oscars night, this couple’s journey adds a touch of real-life drama to the cinematic celebrations.