Revolutionizing AI in Market Integrity and Customer Support: SEBI and Apple Lead the Way

Revolutionizing AI in Market Integrity and Customer Support: SEBI and Apple Lead the Way

SEBI Employs AI to Safeguard Market Integrity

In a significant move to ensure market integrity, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its investigation processes. Kamlesh Chandra Varshney, a member of SEBI, emphasized the importance for entities to stay abreast of technological advancements, warning of legal consequences for non-compliance. This initiative aims to combat market manipulations and enhance transparency, showcasing SEBI’s commitment to leveraging technology in safeguarding the financial market’s integrity.

Apple’s ‘Ask’: A New Era in Customer Support

Apple is set to redefine customer support with its new ‘Ask’ AI tool, currently in the testing phase. Mirroring the capabilities of ChatGPT, ‘Ask’ is designed to efficiently address Apple users’ queries by pulling information from an internal database. This tool marks Apple’s entry into the AI domain, promising a revolutionary approach to customer service by providing quick and accurate responses, thereby setting a new standard in user support.

AI Cameras Tackle Exam Malpractice in Odisha

The Board of Secondary Education (BSE) in Odisha has implemented AI cameras in examination centers to detect malpractice. This innovative use of AI led to the identification of over 40 instances of malpractice during the English matric exams. The technology’s ability to monitor for irregularities in real-time underscores the potential of AI in enhancing the fairness and integrity of academic assessments.

Emirati Pianist Blends Traditional Music with AI

Rashid Walid Al Marzouqi, a 13-year-old Emirati pianist, has made history by integrating AI into his music performances. Combining traditional melodies with AI, Rashid has captivated audiences and highlighted the therapeutic potential of music. His performances at hospitals, like the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, demonstrate the profound impact of music on healing and well-being, offering a unique blend of culture and technology.

Interpol’s Call for Innovation Against AI-Driven Crimes

Stephen Kavanagh, a candidate for the head of Interpol, stresses the need for international cooperation to combat AI-driven crimes. Highlighting the challenges posed by ransomware, online child grooming, and terrorism, Kavanagh advocates for leveraging data and technology to foster global collaboration. This call to action emphasizes the importance of innovation in maintaining security and relevance in the face of evolving technological threats.