SZA’s Bold Health Choice

SZA’s Bold Health Choice

SZA Opens Up About Her Decision to Remove Breast Implants


In a candid revelation that’s stirring both hearts and headlines, Grammy-award-winning artist SZA shared her journey of undergoing breast implant surgery and the subsequent decision to have them removed. This intimate disclosure came during her appearance on the ‘SHE MD’ podcast, hosted by Mary Alice Haney and Dr. Thaïs Aliabadi.


A Decision Rooted in Health and Heritage

The ‘SOS’ sensation did not make this choice lightly. With a family history marked by breast cancer, including her mother’s diagnosis and an aunt who had a mastectomy, SZA faced a significant personal health risk. She revealed that her family’s medical history had given her a 53% lifetime risk of developing the disease. This stark statistic was a crucial factor in her initial decision to get implants and her eventual choice to remove them due to the painful development of fibrosis—a thickening and scarring of connective tissue.

‘I got way too much scar tissue… I’m not supposed to have breast implants,’ SZA articulated, highlighting the unforeseen complications that arose post-surgery. Despite the allure of enhancing her physique, the singer encountered ‘extra fibrosis,’ leading to discomfort and pain, compelling her to return to her natural state.


Between Spirituality and Science

In her quest for answers, SZA sought guidance beyond the medical realm, turning to spiritual consultations about her breast health and the potential implications of her decisions. Yet, it was her conversation with Dr. Aliabadi, known for her work with stars like Rihanna and Khloe Kardashian, that anchored SZA back to the tangible realities of her health. ‘I have markers in my breast… I’m not supposed to be getting breast implants,’ SZA recounted, emphasizing the grave implications her choices had on her well-being.

Her story is not just a tale of medical decisions but a profound journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and the unyielding courage to prioritize health over aesthetics. SZA’s open-hearted share serves as a powerful reminder of the complex decisions women face regarding their bodies and health.


As fans and followers digest this surprising yet empowering revelation, SZA stands as a beacon of authenticity in a world often overshadowed by the pressure of perfection. Her decision to remove her breast implants underscores a deeper narrative about the importance of health, heritage, and hearing one’s inner voice amidst life’s cacophony.


What will this mean for SZA’s journey forward, both as an artist and a woman navigating her path through the challenges of health, identity, and self-expression? Only time will tell, but one thing is clear: her story resonates with many, illuminating the intricate tapestry of choices that define our lives.