Tiffany & Common’s 2-Year Chase!

Tiffany & Common’s 2-Year Chase!

Tiffany Haddish’s Revealing Memoir Unveils Personal Battles and Romantic Pursuits


In her upcoming memoir, ‘I Curse You with Joy’, Tiffany Haddish sheds light on her vibrant yet tumultuous life, from legal troubles and health issues to her intriguing romantic escapades, set for release on May 7.


The Pursuit by Common


The comedy sensation candidly shares her experiences with ex-boyfriend Common, revealing that the rapper pursued her for two years before they began dating in 2020. This pursuit marked a significant chapter in her life, reflecting a pattern she later recognized as Common’s typical relationship ‘cycle.’


Understanding Common’s Relationship Cycle


As Haddish navigated through her high-profile relationship, it became evident that Common’s romantic engagements tend to follow a distinct rhythm: a whirlwind two years followed by a solo stint. Despite their split in August 2021, which was not mutual, Haddish has come to terms with the cyclical nature of her ex’s love life, comparing it to behaviors seen in others outside the limelight.


Life After Common


Post-breakup, Haddish has embraced sobriety and celibacy, choices that she believes have fortified her personally and romantically. Currently exploring non-traditional relationships with multiple partners aware of each other, she emphasizes the empowerment found in defining her relationship rules.


Tiffany’s Vision for the Future


Despite her past experiences, Haddish remains open to love, albeit on her terms. She envisions a future where relationships are built on trust and mutual respect, without the conventional ties of marriage licenses.